Property Locator Program

Find us a property that we successfully purchase and we will reward you with $500.00 CASH or more!

We are seeking both experienced and non-experienced real estate property locators to help grow our expanding business. Do you know anyone needing to sell their property fast? If so, you are about to make some quick money as a Property Locator. We’re Offering cash for each the property you send us that leads to a successful closed transaction! You can make a $500.00 and up of what we make in the transaction.

We are NOT looking for leads that are already listed on all of the standard listing and 3rd party syndication websites such as, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, etc. What we are looking for and will provide this bonus for is those of the market opportunities which you may have unique knowledge of. If you know of anyone in distress, being foreclosed upon, having an estate sale, etc. we would love the opportunity to speak with them to see if there is the possibility of buying their home.

For simply setting us up with such an opportunities that we purchase* (Complete form below), we will pay you $500.00 or more! If you haven’t yet registered to become a property locator please click here. We obtain distressed single-family properties and secure those properties at substantial discounts. The activities that we are engaged in involves the purchase of real estate property with intentions of assigning our interests over to an end-buyer OR to Buy, Fix, then re-sell the property ourselves. Becoming a Property Locator for us can earn you $500 or more per successful deal we close. Becoming a property locator is a great way to get started in the business because you are risking no money while you begin working in the investment community. After registering to become a property locator you will be redirected to sign the marketing fee agreement.

What Kind Of Property We Look For:

Your Tasks As A Property Locator:

Location: Nationwide. We have a large network of Real Estate Investors.

How To Find A Motivated Seller:

Most motivated sellers are created by personal reasons, not economic reasons. A Motivated Seller is what you are looking for. The motivated Seller is motivated to DO A DEAL. They are motivated by many reasons including condition, tax bills, vacant property, mortgage payments behind, estate sales, moved out of state, etc.

Once you talk to many, many sellers you will start to recognize the difference between a Motivated Seller (DEAL) and someone who is thinking about selling. The difference between the two is making a deal and wasting your time. You can tell the difference based on the answers to your questions.